Thursday, April 3, 2014

Skype dates, hashtags (am I using them right?) and plans for healthy pizza!

Hello lovely people!

I've got lots of plans for today but hopefully my ambition isn't stronger than my will (like it usually is) and I can get through it all!

First up: KhaleesiPaula news!!!

Background Story: She and I met through mutual friends sometime in third year at UofT but never really hung out. Then in our final year we were ANA301 (human embryology) class buddies and, as we sat together and furiously attempted note-taking, bonded over our mutual love of some very cute boys in that class, Tolkien novels, champagne, and having to get ready in bathrooms (because we lived so far from downtown Toronto) and since then have been very close friends. She is wonderful and lovely and beautiful and oh so smart and I am a better person just by knowing her and YOU are all better people just by having read about her!

So the other day I finally got to have a skypedate with her and catch up on what's been going down the past few weeks and it was so lovely seeing her again (as always) and it very much brightened up my day :) Exciting news is that for her birthday (the 29th) her parents and brother are going to London so she'll get to spend her birthday with them! I am very excited for her because she's had to spend the last couple of birthday away from them (being in Dublin) so she's very happy that she gets to see them this year! We were also talking about next year's birthday and how (I think) she'll be done med school by then and she's hoping to get to spend her birthday back in Canada -which I would be very excited for- but if it's not Canadian-birthday-celebrations are not possible then I'm just going to go over there and say Happy Birthday for Canada! AAAND she gave me her official address so I'll be sending her a birthday card!! I'm actually super excited about that because I love getting mail and I think people love getting mail (when it's not spam ads or bills) and I'm super excited to make her a card :) There are a ton of card challenges and now that I know it's going to be mailed across the Narrow Sea, I'm extra motivated to make an extra lovely card!

*FUN FACT* I always need lots of motivation when I craft because I get frustrated easily and tend to just give up and go marathon The Lord of The Rings movies, and you can only do that so many times in a week.
*FUNNER FACT* Marathonning The Lord of The Rings movies and livetweeting/liveblogging is ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS TO DO
*FUNNEST FACT* Y'all are in for a treat because I am now going to have to do that post.
*FUNNER-EST FACT* I think KhaleesiPaula's card is going to have to be a mix of Tolkien and Martin to bring together her love of GoTs and LoTR. I'm gonna make sure to put in some Elvish, Dothraki and High Valyrian. My inner fangirl is freaking out right now I'm so excited

We also got to talking about our new health diets. We're both on health kicks and, yes we complained quite a bit because all we want are nachos and cheese, she recalled this run that our friend (also from UofT, also in Ireland for med school, also lovely and kind and smart and wonderful) Meerkitten! had done last year and how they throw coloured powder at you! Well, that sounds like a RIDICULOUS amount of fun and if you think so too then you should CHECK IT OUT HERE!! It's called the Color Me Rad Run and it looks like a lot of fun and we're thinking about doing it when she's back for the summer! (The Hamilton location run because the Toronto location happens too soon and she won't be back for that) We're still in the process of thinking about doing it because a 5K run is a little daunting but if we can't train enough for it this year then we'll definitely be doing it next year !

Next up: #ThrowbackThursdays!

*FUN FACT* I don't actually know how that hashtag works, or how any hashtags work. Whenever I use them I use them wrong and I'm okay with that because I don't like being told what to do! ...Also I use them wrong because I don't know how to use them >.>

But as a treat for reading so much about The Lovely KhaleesiPaula here's a picture of why she's so wonderful:

Does this count for #ThrowbackThursdays? I seriously still don't know what that phrase is for.
Also "Dothraki" is what she meant to spell. For any GoT readers out there.

She drew this out for me during one of our study sessions at Gerstein Library and I was having a particularly bad time with studying my exam material.

*FUN FACT* The building in the back that says EX that's on fire is our Examination building. UofT built a building just for having exams and you can FEEL THE EVIL IN THOSE ROOMS. It's filled with the dead hopes and dreams of past students. Many of mine are in the room.
*FUNNER FACT* I kept this picture showcased in my pencil bag for the next 2 years 


Being on my health kick/diet/whatever-it-takes-to-get-skinny, I found a recipe for a Cauliflower Pizza Crust courtesy of Eat. Drink. Smile (you can find the recipe if you CLICK RIGHT HERE!! She's also got lots of other recipes that look super delicious!) And I'm going to attempt to make it tonight for dinner.

So stay posted because I'm hoping to get a post documenting my possible SUCCESS (I'm really really hoping it's a success and not a failure like the time in 10th grade when I tried to make cookies, halfway through decided I wanted the cookies to be chocolate so I added a bunch of cocoa powder in the bowl thinking it would work, and they ended up harder than my countertop)

-Don't go away, we'll be right back!

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