Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look I made a thing!

So I was hoping that my Cauliflower Pizza post would be up by now but too many things happened the past week and I couldn't get it finished :(

short story: I was in the process of getting my laptop wiped/re-formatted at Best Buy so I was busy backing things up and then all of a sudden it was the weekend and I had to turn in my laptop but the post still wasn't done and now here we are using This Sister's laptop to shoot out this quick post!

Last night I had a lovely after-dinner coffee catchup date with the incomparable j.Hunts (think I'll make a post about that adventure sometime next week) and when I got home I peeked into the craft room to see what my sister was up to. Turns out she was making a Mother's Day card! I honestly don't know when mother's day is exactly, I rely on my phone calendar or google to remind me which Sunday it falls on each year, but I do know it's not for a while. However, following my sister's pro-activity I decided to make one as well!

I don't recall when I came across the My Favorite Things blog, it was sometime in the last 2 weeks, but I am glad I did! I had skipped out on crafting all last week because I was feeling very blah and just super un-inspired (and I guess too busy enjoying cauliflower pizza!!) so I really wanted to get back into it this week but I couldn't figure out where to start.

*FUN FACT* I get stumped like this quite often. It's usually then when I turn to marathonning the LOTR trilogy or GoT or....brushing up on Dothraki.

BUT then I checked the CalendarOfArts&Crafts and saw that there was a card challenge ending today with a sketch! so it was pretty perfect timing. The sketch acted as my much-needed starting point and the time crunch motivated me to really buckle down and get to it! I guess I can practice Dothraki another time. Though, to be honest, I think it's high time I re-learn my High Valyrian. I gotta be ready for this season!!

*FUN FACT*  If you hadn't noticed before that I nerd out HAM on Game of Thrones, you will notice soon. Me nem nesa y'all.

So without further ado, because this whole post has been very ado-ish with so many words, here's the lovely My Favorite Things Get Sketchy challenge:

And this is what I made:

I was debating whether to keep the green in the center to follow the sketch properly
but as I was about to fix it down I was suddenly overcome with this complete desire
to have it be askew. I don't know why, I just suddenly absolutely did not want it in the
centre. But I was torn because then the sketch wouldn't match! I really can't explain
it. (Maybe it's the pre-Crimson wave?) Well, after making it off-set I cut a velum
border to make it seem more like the sketch and I think that's appeasing my very
weird inner turmoil.

The rules don't state that a MFTstamp has to be used which is lucky for me because the craft room is seriously lacking their stamps but after their recent release posts (there's been a countdown ALL WEEK!) I'm definitely going to have to change that. They have some of the cutest stamps!!!

That's all for now, I stayed up pretty late last night from that coffee (I should have gotten a decaf drink but decaf coffee is dirt water and goes against every fiber of my being so...you win some, you lose some) so I think I might take a quick nap or maybe attempt to make some coffee!

*FUN FACT* yeah it's going to be a nap. Who am I kidding?

-Stay lovely and happy dreams!

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