Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moar things! And Holy-Word-Limit-Batman! So many thoughts, I apologize. Just scroll to the picture

So, after I rushed out that last post, I had to put some finishing "touches" on the birthday card that I had put on hold earlier that night. Fast forward like 2 hours later and the card was done! I was feeling pretty jazzed that I was going to be able to make the deadline for the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge but when I went to check the linky, POOF! the link was closed :( For a second I thought I broke it but after refreshing 2 or 3 (or 5) times I took it as a sign that submitting the card was, alas, not meant to be and that it was definitely time to sleep.

*FUN FACT* I did not go to sleep, I actually crawled into bed, proceeded to watch 2 episodes of Psych and the pilot episode of The X Files on Netflix on my phone.  
*FUNNER FACT* BaddieBins was the inspiration for The X Files episode. She finished her The X Files marathon about a week ago and she started up on Doctor Who because I tweet/talk so much about it and she wanted to see what the fuss was about; I figured that I should do the same with The X Files. She says that Scully is her spirit animal so I think I should figure out what she means by that.

Well, I checked their blog today and woohoo the linky was open! They had to extend the deadline an extra day because it accidentally closed early. Whatever the reason I was extra jazzed.

I meant to get this post and my card linked up wayyy earlier but life got in my way (Insanity workout -which, yes, kicked my ass-, family dinner preparations, job applications -though I don't know why I bother because the zombocalypse will happen before I manage to get a job, I must just be qualified for nothing-, kitchen clean-up duty after making the mess for dinner, etc...) and then it was 9:45pm. I started at that time as well but having just gotten my laptop reformatted I was trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 (that's what used to be on my laptop, is what's on my sister's laptop, and it's what I used to use at school so I don't love Office XP all that much. what can I say I'm a creature of habit!) but I couldn't find the other disc that had the product code, I couldn't figure out where the PIN was, I couldn't A LOT of stuff.

I can only take so many Microsoft punches in the face. I may do Insanity workouts but I'm frail and useless so I gave up on that.  The clock at that time was reading 11:20 pm. I still had tons of time to get a post up and the card posted! AND I could probably get to sleep at a decent time too.

*FUN FACT* We all know I don't really mean "sleep" OF COURSE I mean The X Files Netflix marathon, but let's try to keep up appearances ;)

But, again, it was not meant to be. TheMother asked me to help her with some stuff and I couldn't say no because she works a lot of hours (she spends WAY too many hours at work: 10-11 a day, every day! It's fucked up ridiculous but she doesn't listen to us. ...Hmm, I guess I get it from her) and she gets home so late because of it so if she needs help I don't really mind. I'm going to be up at all hours of the night anyway I might as well spend my time doing something relatively useful.

And that brings us to 2:20 am! Right now! The only reason I stopped working was because the computer did a thing and I couldn't stop it. But I took that as a sign that it was time to post!

The Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge this week was "Happy Birthday"

*UPDATE: After showing the card to my sister she told me that it would also be eligible for a Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge because the jar+bee I used is one of their stamps! AND if I hurried I could still make the deadline! So yay! I'm also entering this card into the April 6-12 Anything Goes challenge

Check out their banner below!
I want a banner! ...But I don't know what it'd be for :3
I should make my own house sigil! But all the good animals are already taken.
And I'd totally want a dragon symbol but the Targaryens went mad and that's not cool.
Plus I totally see myself as a Khaleesi. What can I say, I identify with Daenerys.
She's badass and I want dragons!
Gonna tell you up front: BE PROUD OF ME. If you saw my last post I mentioned how butterflies are just okay, I mean whatever, *ahemI'M-OBSESSED-WITH-THEMahem* and I was going to put a butterfly on this card (I wanted to so badly, I had it all picked out and everything!) BUT I DIDN'T! I was strong and I kept that butterfly in a drawer so I wouldn't use it!


 It's my first attempt at a shaker card and Holy-shaker-card-problems-Batman! It was a damn shitstorm. I don't remember having so many problems with one element of a card since....the very first time I ventured into the craft room and tried to make a card. I watched a tutorial on how "easy" it is to make shaker cards and shut-the-front-door because I was lied to. That video was all lies and photoshop and oscar-worthy movie editing/sound mixing and she was a wizard or something because I haven't been lied to like that since I was 17 and in my first real relationship with HeWhoShallNotBeNamed. (Not Voldemort. Though he would've been a better choice. Two Harry Potter References and #ThrowbackThursday to high school AND proper use of "#ThrowbackThursday?? I am on a roll: self-five! 10 points to Gryffindor!) 

I wanted to give up and just use some damn butterflies but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did because IT MAKES NOISE WHEN YOU SHAKE IT! Also using the bee in the jar helped me come up with the "happy Bee day" sentiment and I thought it was clever and punny which means I am clever and punny and 5 extra points to Gryffindor because I can!

Hope you're all having pleasant dreams (and practicing Occulmency! Never know which baddies out there are accomplished Legilimens!) I'll try and chill with the Harry Potter nerd-outs.

-Happy dreams!


  1. this is precious, so glad you played along with Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  2. Beautiful card! The flowers and jar are so pretty!
    Thanks for joining us this week at Paper Smooches Sparks!

  3. That's great that they extended the challenge and that you were able to join in the fun/link up! LOVE that you crawled into bed and watched those episodes on your phone! LOL!

    What a beautiful card-- love the jar and flowers!! THANKS so much for joining in the fun with the Paper Smooches Sparks challenge;)

    Hope you play along with us this week for our Picture Perfect challenge <3