Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things! For you to look at! With your eyes! :)

I am really cutting it close lately, right? Blame the procrastinator in me. It shows up late to all events and won't seem to ever leave. My resolution for the week is to be way better at being on top of things!

I had quite a bit of trouble with this birthday card. I find making cards for boys just ridiculously difficult. It might have something to do with the fact that most of The Sister's stamps are flowery but, honestly, it's just me. But the theme at CASology this week was "wet" and I decided that I'd go with
wet = water = blue 
as my theme and it made it much easier to make the card masculine-ish. It's for my nephew who turned 10 today! (where has the time gone??) which is a really hard situation since most of The Sister's stamps are not only flowery but grown-up-py. (I mean we have a ton of grown-ups in our family and only like 5 kids so statistically speaking the stamps make sense. But try telling that to a card for a 10 year-old.)  Luckily I found the cutest cupcake stamp and I figured it's was a pretty kid-friendly image so I just went with it!

*FUN FACT* omnomnomg I love cupcakes and I make a pretty mean rum-filled, Guiness-chocolate cupcake with roasted marshmallow-nutella-fererro rocher and candied bacon frosting. I spare no calories when it comes to dessert!

I also remembered that Mojo Monday had a new sketch out and I decided to make a card that could also be entered there! (I guess I figured I'd make the card-making just a little harder just for the hell of it?)

*FUN FACT* It was a mistake because it was a damn lot harder! But at least it's done and I feel semi-accomplished

Here is the Mojo Monday 340 sketch challenge:

And here's CASology's week 90 cue card:

And here's what I made from it!

I think it's CAS... as much as it embarrasses me to admit, I'm still not really sure about the whole concept! I really gotta read more about it. And I think it somewhat follows the MM sketch. The angle of the white card is the opposite direction because ...when I first stamped it I the blue polka dots stamp was NOT on my side and decided to stamp unevenly :3 Thank goodness I was able to just flip it around and use the back because I was so not in the mood to re-cut that paper. I think it sort of works, I'm still a little iffy. But what I AM proud of is that it's a card that's relatively suitable for a 10 year old! That's really what was the most important goal of the card because holy problems batman cards for kids are haaaaaard.

Welp, that's all for now kids!

-Happy dreams!

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