Thursday, April 17, 2014

THING part IV (the final installment)

This should probably be the last thing for today....unless I have a spurt of energy and manage to finish my cauliflower pizza post! (But don't count on that. It was 11:40 am when I started this post and I was already exhausted ...and then I had to pause it and now that I'm back finishing it up it's 10:59 pm)

Looking back at the ListOfUpcomingBirthdays I realized that I needed more boy-y-birthday cards since there are 2 coming up in the fam and the only cards I have seem to be a little too girly for the father and the comrade. My imagination was pretty worn out after the CAS(e) this Sketch! cards I made and all I really wanted to do was watch a mind-numbing amount of The X Files but I came across the new sketch for Mojo Monday! Check it out below:

Mojo Monday #341:

I knew I had to make this as masculine a card as I could so I put away the butterfly dies and opted in for some neutral-toned cardstock.

 I wasn't sure if I wanted to interpret the sketch differently and try to change up some orientations but, honestly, exhaustion overcame me and I decided to give up on trying to be creative-r with the sketch and went with doing a straight imitation of it. And I'm quite glad I did! It was a very well-oriented sketch and it all came together quite nicely! Nearing the end of it I felt like something was missing from it so....I caved and added some sequins. But they're maroon! Super masculine! Maybe. Whatever it's for my dad; I could probably make him a barbie-pink card and he'd have to love it (Damn I wish we had some barbie stamps!)

I wanted to combine this inspiration challenge with a colour challenge but I couldn't find one that I particularly liked for this card so I consulted my trusty Martha Stewart paint chips! I wanted an olive-coloured theme but as I looked through most of the samples I noticed they were all very....I don't know. All I could think was "I DON'T WANT THE CARD TO LOOK LIKE A LIVING ROOM! Luckily I found a paint card that had a very un-living-room-green that matched some cardstock and poof! Thank you for my colour scheme, Martha Stewart!

Well, staying up all last night might've been a really bad idea, I keep falling asleep at this screen so, hell yeah, it's definitely bed time!

-Happy dreams! ZZZzzzzzz

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