Friday, April 11, 2014

I made a thing! (that still has nothing to do with that cauliflower post...)

So I've had a ton of other card challenges I've been meaning to enter but so far I've been pretty blah about making any cards (plus I haven't really had the time) but I really, really wanted to enter this week's Runway Inspired challenge.

I've been in the mindset lately that having creative freedom over a card is a good thing. But I think I might've been wrong about that :P I had a ton of trouble with this challenge.  I even tried to use sketch challenges to help me come up with something but nothing worked. Eventually I got to playing around with some dies and decided that I absolutely had to use a bike. I don't know why, I can barely even ride a bike, but I don't know I just felt I had to.

*FUN FACT* That saying "it's like a riding a bike" IS A LIE. It's NOT "like riding a bike" The saying should be "it's like  RE-LEARNING how to ride a bike" because let me tell you, last April IceQueenJenny, WonderfulChris and I rented some bikes to go nightriding because it was our last night at the house, and I crashed into a tree. A TREE.

Here's this week's challenge inspiration:

*FUN FACT* I want this dress SOSOSOSOSOSO much
The main thing that stood out to me was the pastel colouring. I LOVE pastel colours. They make me think of warm spring days and Easter and chocolate Easter eggs (because I eat so many mini-eggs) and they make me happy. The next thing I thought of was Europe. (I know, weird right?) I guess it's because of how busy the print is? Somehow that reminded me of how busy the London tube is? I don't know ,whatever.  All the "love" words made me think of France (because France is my one true love oui, oui monsieur poisson! I'm channeling the first French I learned which was through The Little Mermaid) and then I remembered my dear friend CharStar (who lived in France for like 10 years as a child) is leaving soon for a trip and I've been meaning to make a "safe travels" card for FOREVER and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

And here it is!

I didn't end up using the "safe travels" sentiment because I thought it looked too loopy next to all of the hearts so I went with a "miss you" sentiment because, well, obviously I'll be missing her loads. I used white ink to stamp on a bunch of Paris stamps over the black card (which oops you can't read too well in this picture), not because she's going to France -she's going to Africa for a volunteer/Master's assignment trip- but because she's so very french! Then I went with hearts because of "love" because I'm unimaginative and whatever it's my card I can do what I want.

I don't absolutely love the card but I like it well enough to post. I do really like the bicycle die. I used pale pink cardstock and stamped some script using a dark purple and then once that dried I die cut the bike out and over that I stamped the outline of the bike. Now that I'm writing it that was a lot of work for a bicycle and you can't even really see it in the picture but in person you can see the purple underneath and I kinda love that.

That's all for now! If I don't skedaddle I'm gonna be late for my movie!

-Happy dreams


  1. Such a cheerful card..I love the scattered hearts! :) Thanks so much for joining us on the Runway!