Friday, February 13, 2015

Welp look what the cat dragged in

Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a card for you to look at!

I haven't made a card in a million years.
I haven't posted in even longer.
Yet whabam.

Decided to be over-ambitious and make valentines for all the girlfriends this year! Even though I don't really ever celebrate Valentine's day. I think the last time I really celebrated Valentine's day was 8 years ago when my boyfriend at the time had decorated my locker. Yeah that's right, "locker". Lawd those high school days. And all the Valentine's days since then have been different. But I digress. This is not the post for *that* discussion.

Anyway, woohoo I did it! I had to stay up the entire night before to make them (I had to send some across The Narrow Sea and I didn't want them to get mailed too late) but it was worth it because I love my girls 

I only have a picture of one of the cards ready because....I am bad at time management (obviously) and this deadline is coming up in less than an hour.

This card was my attempt at Runway Inspired's Challenge #77 which I LOVED: 

dat dress tho 

This was the perfect inspiration for red-wine-infused-card-making-at-1:30am. I was actually so happy to make a valentine that wasn't your typical pink and red because....not that I think it's overdone, I LOVE pink. AND red. Hell, my nails are pink right now. It's just that I wanted something spring-y. The weather has been so frigid and frosty and batshit frozen that I'm counting down the days until it's finally spring, which is actually a season I usually like less than winter. I know, right?  But it was so awesome that I decided to check what was going on at Runway Inspired and their colours were exactly what I was hoping for!

I got SUPER obsessed with distress inks recently and I was really glad that we actually had colours close to the inspiration. 

I wanted flowers on the card -to match the dress- but I wasn't sure how to make them. I rifled through all of the sister's dies looking for the right flower and, while I found the stamp for the flower I loved, the die didn't exist. Then I cried out "why, God, whyyyy" because I had had more than my fair share of wine by then. But then! I found a funny looking die that was matched for leaves (I mean that the stamp you use for the cut-out that you make using that die would make leaved). Inspiration (aka the reservatrol in my wine) struck and I couldn't get it out of my mind that I could make flowers using that die.

So I used the leaves die to cut out some coffee filters (again, the wine had taken over the creative side of my brain and I decided I HAD to use paper coffee filters because the texture would just be "exactly what I wanted" I don't know what I meant when I thought that but honestly it was so late in the evening/so early in the morning by then that I didn't even question the red wine anymore)

Then I used some different flower stamps just to add some colour. Took 3 of the leaves and layered them to make a flower and, wham bam thank you ma'am, I had a flower! I'm still not sure what kind of flower that's supposed to be but I figured that if the red wine wanted me to know what it was called the red wine would have told me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


(I don't have a better title for this. You'd think I would since I've not written a post in ages but you would be wrong)

So it's been about four billion years since I last updated this. My bad.
It's also been almost as long since I made a card. Again, my bad.

But I've been busy!

Busy working.
Busy commuting (Being the PrincessofPickering (a nickname given to me by BaddieBins when we were in school) has its downsides. Mainly it's so effing far from every-effing-thing worth doing.)
Busy reading (Mira Grant novels Feed, Deadline, Blackout OMFG AHHHHH THEY'RE AMAZING. One of my girlfriends j.Huntz turned me onto it -we're like an unofficial book club, I guess...Wait, is "book club" the right term? I don't know I've never been part of a book club. Maybe "book club" isn't the word....ignore this last sentence then- They're super easy reads, really entertaining, good storyline...really good storyline, and who doesn't love zombies??! The best part is that it isn't just a zombie book, it's also a conspiracy novel and homegirl has got her science research down pretty well. As a fellow science nerd/virology enthusiast (I LOVE viruses omg, I think they're so cool. I can't explain it...well I can but then you'd all know how totally nerdy I am and you'll want to stop reading what I write and then no one would look at the card I made which was the main point of this blog post, but it kind of got away from me CLEARLY, so I won't get into how cool viruses it was pretty awesome to have the zombie phenomenon somewhat explained using science (you gotta make allowances. Zombies aren't real (yet) so the scientific explanations aren't perfect but nothing is so just go with it) Main point: GO READ THE NEWSFLESH TRILOGY.
*important disclaimer* I may be slightly biased because when I first started reading the books I called something in the books and I turned out to be right! So, Ten points to Griffyndor! If you get a chance to read it, let me know how you liked it!)

and .....Mainly I've been busy getting wayyy too into the World Cup.

Goooooo Netherlaaaaaands!!!!! #orangeorangeorange

I know, I know, FIFA is the devil and etc...(check this out if you don't believe me! It IS 13 minutes but it's well worth it! I love John Oliver. I'm an incredibly big fan of news presented like this: Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart etc so I was really excited about John Oliver's new show "Last Week Tonight" ) BUT omgomgomgomgomg I love the World Cup.

I don't actually even like sports all that much but I think there's a thing that happens in my head for international sporting events that only occur every so often where I get so into those games I turn into a terrible person: totally crazy, ridiculously competitive, so many kinds of scary, probably incredibly completely obnoxious; I'm not proud of it. ....I'm a little proud of it.

Anyway, I haven't done much crafting lately but I did manage to churn a card out on Saturday (in a record time of under 2 hours!!) for an emergency birthday! Yeah I got really behind on family cards. So much for being on top of things. Oops? Oh well, life is short and the World Cup is on and Germany has so many good-looking football players, just eat the damn red velvet cupcake.

I was doing my regular blog hopping for inspiration when I landed on CAS(E) This Sketch and saw that their challenge was a fusion one. (You can check out the the Sketch #81 blog post here) I hadn't heard of Fusion before, not that that's a big deal seeing as I'm pretty new to the whole crafting community, but I'm so glad I found out about this because I skimmed through their old blog posts and REALLY liked their challenges so they will definitely be one of my regular challenge go-to's! Plus I always love when challenges are combined. Makes me feel more efficient, I guess.

This was the challenge:

And this is what I threw together! Check it out! (If you want, no pressure or anything)

It killed me a little inside that I didn't get to use a butterfly but I figured I should clip my butterfly wings for the next few cards and try something new. I actually had a really hard time trying to make it a masculine card...I hope it came out masculine. I tried using foresty colours, which I tend to always associate with cards meant for my guy cousins. I hope that's not sexist... ANYWAY, I used The Sister's leaves/vine die to make it kinda fancy and keep with my foresty theme. I would've gone for the yellowy/gold colour scheme so it would've actually been a Fusion challenge but we don't really have any good gold-coloured paper so that idea was nixed. Alas, what else is new.

But I'm pretty happy with how the card turned out, though the lighting is a little dark...cell phones man. I should've used an actual camera but I was short on time. I had to give the card away like 5 minutes after I took this photo. I couldn't even take the picture at home because we were already running late; I had to set up the card at my cousin's house! I am a perfect mix of ghetto and classy, it's a skill I should really put on my resume.

Well that's it for me tonight. It is 11:04 pm and officially 4 minutes past my bedtime.

-Happy dreams!
My challenge for you? Read some books this week! :) *hintTHENEWSFLESHTRILOGYhint*
(I am shameless I know, but I will force The Newsflesh trilogy books down everyone's throat because I loved them so and I want to know what everyone else thinks of the story and to see if anyone else called out what I called when I started the series)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Insert witty blog post title here.

*update: this blog post REALLY got away from me at the end :3 you can ignore everything after the picture of the card -_-

I made a thing.
Here it is.
I should've taken a better picture.
But I'm too tired to care.
Even making this blog post is exhausting.

The Sister and I spent most of the day cooking meals for the upcoming week (so we don't have to do it when we get home from work) and also trying our hands at making granola and trail mix! (respectively)
All of my energy went into cooking and trail mix and ....cursing as I made this card.

The sister said, "You sound like your old crafting self!" and I must admit I got pretty creative with swear word combos. Might've levelled up, if I do say so myself. Though I'd be the only judge so I could be biased.

Anyway. Punchline: I'm tired.

And kinda cranky. I want to drink more tea but my tea is really caffeinated and if I drink stimulant tea I'll be too wired to sleep and I gotta get up at 5 am tomorrow so I can't drink tea and life is haaaaard.
I have such problems =P

I'm also pretty cranky because I don't like this card all too much but whatever. J'ai fini et voila.

This card was based off of The Card Concept's Challenge #10 which asked for a coffee theme, hence the coffee rings, and Color Throwdown's Challenge #239 which inspired the colours. I'm gonna say that the card falls best under the "Clean & Layered" category. ("clean" if you ignore the coffee rings!)

These coffee rings started to look like the Olympic rings.
I feel like I need a disclaimer on this, like an asterisk that states:
"For Coffee. Let's meet up for coffee!
Not at the Olympics.
...Unless you want to go to the Olympic Games.
And get coffee there.
That's cool too.
I'm good with whatever."
I'm tired. It's time to get back to my Netflix marathon of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!


I think I'll have to make a proper blog post about my thoughts on Buffy (with additional comments by KhaleesiPaula because we had a Skype date today and we discussed, among other things, at some length Buffy and Angel [the shows and the characters] and there are so many things and especially my observation that The Vampire Diaries MUST HAVE BEEN inspired by Buffy Season 2.


Speaking of...I am still not over The Amazing Spiderman 2.
It's still a relatively new movie and this is a card post so obviously I won't say anything spoiler-y. It's just that sometimes I find myself thinking about the movie (randomly, like on the bus on my way home, when I'm writing my to-do lists, while I craft, while I'm watching commercials) and IT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM.
If you're wondering why I have so many strong feelings towards Spiderman it's because as a child I was MADLY in love with Peter Parker (he was a damn good-looking cartoon, what can I say. I'm not ashamed to admit it) and I was convinced that I was going to marry him when I was older. Not the cartoon Peter Parker exactly, but the "real" human-equivalent Peter Parker, because CartoonPeterParker was destined to be with CartoonMaryJane (this was regular Spiderman, not The Amazing Spiderman, they're 2 different series, try not to get confused but it's confusing) and omg don't even get me started on how the cartoon series ended BECAUSE FOX RUINS LIVES AND ENDED THE SERIES BEFORE THEY COULD RESOLVE MARYJANE FALLING INTO THE GREEN GOBLIN'S VORTEX AND OMG IT HURTS TO THINK ABOUT THOSE EPISODES.

...Anyway. I was a really weird kid. I don't understand how I managed to function in society and survive life with the back-ass-wards thinking I had when it came to being in love with cartoons. I feel like I should totally talk to a psychologist or something about all these thoughts I used to have as a kid and see what they'd have to say. I think that'd be a laugh.

But yeah. Bed-time!!

-Happy dreams!

GAME OF THRONNNEEESSSS!!! I don't want the season to end :'( It just started!!!
This happens every year. When GoT is on it is the 10 greatest, most intense, what-the-front-door??? weeks of life and suddenly POOF I have to wait a whole year again. At least this year I'll have crafting to keep me busy :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

I am the worst with keeping in touch.

With people. With this blog. With the internet. Oops?

Sit down my darlings and let me tell you a story.
A story of what happens when you don't leave well enough alone. 

"Years and years ago there were these people called The Macabees..."
"Ho! Ho! Ho!" 
Wrong story, that's from "The One with the Holiday Armadillo"
"My favourite part was when Superman flew all the Jews out of Egypt"
"The Armadillo was not too thrilled about that part!"
...I'll try stop quoting FRIENDS.

ANYWAY, Months and months ago I started in sharing The Sister's love for crafts and card making. And all that time we've been complaining at how tiny the craft room is for hanging out when we're both in there. We'd also been musing about moving from The Tiny Craft Room to the basement so there's more space for both of us and we could both craft at the same time and so that we could take over the basement. And for the most part we've been all talk.

Until now. (Well, until 3 weekends ago, but same thing)

We finally decided to do it! So that means for the past 3 weeks we've been slowly and painfully moving from The Tiny Craft Room into The Basement Of Forgotten Messes And Still-Unpacked Boxes. (That's right, we moved houses TWO times and both times there have been a collection of boxes that we packed up, taped shut and sealed AND THEN NEVER OPENED AGAIN.) For 3 years these boxes were transferred from one basement to storage to another basement and have remained sealed and shut that whole time. I don't even remember what's in those boxes. But we can't get rid of them! They're mine! And they're so important, I know it! And I can't get rid of them! I don't want to and you can't make me! ...They're still actually unopened. We meant to open them up 2 weeks ago but...we hid them away in a corner and forgot all about them. #SorryNotSorry (hashtags? that's right I'm stepping up my blogging game)

I even found my 3rd year virology notes! I've been looking for those since last year. Seriously. Since this time last year I have been wondering where I put those notes (I have a zombie theory that infection occurs through a viral host and I WILL find the virus whose transmission traits match those of The Walking Dead in my notes and create a plausible explanation) and I've torn my room apart countless times looking for them, to no avail. But now I finally found them! (I have yet to actually go through all of those notes, there are a lot of them and going through them would cut in the way of my laying around time, but I'll get around to it soon! Before this week is up!)

But I digress. Yeah, the past 3 weeks we've gone through old things from boxes that haven't been opened since April 2012, stored away the boxes that were important, organized our stock of paper towels and kitchen appliances, re-arranged the basement to make room for our craft area, made many trips to IKEA to purchase the extra furniture that's needed (2 bookcase/bookshelf/storage squares, desk tops, desk legs) and transferred EVERYTHING from the Tiny Craft Room into The Now-Named Craft Basement. Shit, I didn't realize just how much we've managed to do in 3 weekends. That's a lot.

But this is where the story takes a dark turn, and our heroes find themselves trapped!

The basement looks like it's been used for the mating ritual of a drunken elephant and a coked-out rhino. While a Tornado swept by. And animated Disney animals tripping on acid tried to organize the mess.

We cleaned up and cleared out everything but the move of things from The Tiny Craft Room will be the end of us. The Tiny Craft Room is tiny. TINY. It's size is in its name. How is there so much stuff?? How is it making more of a mess? We have twice the amount of storage space in the basement, why are there still things everywhere??

This is it. This is how it ends. 

The Sister and I will be buried in an avalanche of crafting supplies. On our gravestones it'll read
"Should have stayed in The Tiny Craft Room, The Basement of Forgotten Messes And Still-Unpacked Boxes won". 
Maybe not, I think they charge by the letter. Maybe it'll just say
"Basement: 2, Sisters: 0"

The basement is a giant mess and I see no way out of it. Sometimes I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but then I realize it's actually just the IKEA lamp with a really bright bulb shining through an endless sea of papers and bins and embellishments and ribbon. We might drown in the ribbon. And I haven't made a card since we started the move. It's terrible! We're all out of cards! And we've got birthdays coming up!

So we'll see how this goes. Hopefully it'll be all done by this weekend. I'm getting all kinds of antsy! I just want to make some cards and try out our new craft area already. Patience is not my strong suit.

In times like these I like to close my eyes and remember a very important life lesson:

"No it's not weird, it's a miracle!"
"It's not a miracle, Joey. I'm sure there's some explanation"
"There is: If you want something enough and your heart is pure wondrous things can happen!"
"Joey I really dont--"
"Can you tell me how this happened?"
"Well, no."
"You know what, maybe somebody came in here and fixed it. Or something."
"Someone like...AN ANGEL?"

Maybe if I close my eyes and wish really hard...Did it work?
I'll try again tomorrow then. Wishing, not cleaning up. I've given up on cleaning that basement.

-Happy dreams!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Dinner for six for one" --Joey "The One with Phoebe's birthday dinner"

Except not six. More like 3 cards for 1 post. But there was no FRIENDS reference for that.
I don't even know why I thought of that quote. But that was the first thing that popped into my head when I started this post so that's the title :)

First up we've got a birthday card inspired by this week's CASE Study's challenge #187:

I won't lie, I really wasn't sure where to start with this one. I even looked through the cards already posted for some help and I was still flailing. There was so much freedom with this that I just drew a big blank and my whole brain went derp.

After spinning around in the chair in the craft room for 30 minutes, unable to think up anything, I decided I'd just play around and over-stamp some card. When I looked back at the challenge I realized that I had used colours from the inspiration so woohoo. Eventually I ended up with this:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BADDIEBINS!!!! I need to get better at my photography skills thought because some the colours in the picture are kind of off...that butterfly is coming out pretty pink/bright magenta but it's actually more of a dark purple/deep magenta :S oh well, can't do shit about it now, I already gave the card away! Either way BaddieBins loved it so that's all that really mattered!

My next card was based on an extra special inspiration challenge because Runway Inspired and CAS(e) this Sketch! teamed up for it! I always find it really awesome when blogs team up because usually I always try my best to combine different inspiration challenges when I make a card so when the blogs do it ahead of time I always feel that it's like "they read my mind".

Plus it feels like going to a concert of a band you love and having another band you love headline with them and it's getting two concerts for one! Like when Fall Out Boy toured with Panic! at the Disco (that was an AWESOME concert omg and twenty-one pilots opened for them and just, omg. best. day. ever. Seriously, the set list that night was one for the history books!) 

Or like the joining of two already-powerful houses to rule the land! Like the Targaryens and the Martells when Rhaegar Targaryen married Elia Martell ....except wait, no, that didn't work out so good so maybe not that marriage specifically. It's more like when Baelor the Blessed (of House Targaryen) ruled on the Iron Throne and married off his cousin Daeron II to Princess Myriah Martell (of Dorne) and also married off his sister Daenerys (the first, not the Khaleesi) to the ruling Prince of Dorne Maron Martell which finally united Dorne with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and there was peace.

But I digress.

*important note*: That Game of Thrones reference is a history lesson! It took place around 197AC, about 170 years before Robert Baratheon won the rebellion and took the Iron Throne so any fans of the show that stumble across this page don't have to worry about spoilers! :)

Anyway, here is Runway Inspired #58 and CAS(e) this Sketch! #73:

And here's what I got up to! Happy Birthday to KhaleesiPaula!

The "blood orange" flowers of the top were the first thing that stood out to me.

*FUN FACT* This goes through my mind every time I think of the colour blood orange.

The black and blue colours were the next ones I noticed. I was going to go with red flowers but a second glance at the photo made me change my mind. Black was the main colour of the shirt so I decided I wanted black flowers! I did more over-stamping for part of the background because it's really my go-to technique.

The sister had commented when she saw the card "You really like that technique, don't you?" To which I had to honestly reply, "Actually it's just because I am seriously incapable of nicely-stamping single stamps." That's it. That's the only reason I do over-stamping. If I could nicely stamp just a few things on a card I would but I can never get the stamp exactly in the proper place nicely or have the stamp go on evenly! It's just so much extra work that I don't bother. Over-stamping is easy because it's all messy and it's supposed to be messy and people think "oh you're so creative and you took so much time for that technique" but really it's because I'm lazy. Maybe I'll get better at normal stamping. Maybe. Eventually.

And for the last card of the night....Brace yourselves. Winter is coming. Yes, more Game of Thrones. And not just a Game of Thrones reference but a GAME OF THRONES CARD!!!!


Yes that is dothraki under the miss you. It reads "me nem nesa" which is a very common saying in Dothraki
they said it a lot on the show as well, it means "it is known"
It is written under the "miss you" sentiment because, well, it is known that I miss her! :)
This card isn't for a challenge, this is just a card. I said I'd do a GoT/LOTR-themed card for KhaleesiPaula and I decided on GoT. I would've done a map of Middle Earth but there was no "narrow sea" in Middle Earth I could use and since we always call the Atlantic Ocean our "narrow sea" the GoT map seemed like a better idea. This is a partial map of The Known World of A Song of Ice and Fire. Westeros on the west/left side, Essos on the east/right side. (It's missing the Shadow lands beyond Asshai (which has ghost grass that the Dothraki believe one day will consume the world) and Sothoryos because the card is only so big)

I am the pink heart in Dorne (because I am the Princess of Sunspear, Arianne Martell. It makes sense if you know me) and KhaleesiPaula is across the narrow sea riding on Drogon's back. If you didn't know that GoT has dragons then you clearly didn't watch the first season and I can't help you so it doesn't matter if you get spoiled.

For GoTshow fans who are not caught up on season 3 LOOK AWAY! For those who are all caught up to season 4: yes, that is Drogon breathing fire on Astapor. I made it as up to date as possible in terms of the show, not in terms of the books. For book fans: I hope you caught that final A Dance With Dragons reference ;)

The map I found was actually incredibly detailed, it had pretty much all of the cities names, it had the mountains, rivers and lakes, it was very intricate. I NEED IT FOR MY ROOM. However the size of the card made it impossible to see anything. So I put some vellum paper on top and labelled all the important places.

Westeros rollcall! Starting in the north I've labelled: The Wall, Castle Black, Winterfell (skipped out on the Dreadfort because I'm not a fan of their house SHAME ON THEM, SHAME ON THE BOLTONS BOOOOO and The Iron Islands because I couldn't fit it on the page). 
In the south we've got: Casterly Rock, King's Landing, Highgarden (I ADORE MARGAERY) and Dorne.

Essos rollcall! Starting from the left I've labelled: Braavos, Pentos (skipped the Free Cities because there are so many yet so little space). 
In the right we've got Vaes Dothrak (where my tears dried out, oh Khal Drogo...) The Dothraki Sea, The Red Waste, Qarth on the right side of the Red Waste, Astapor on the bottom left side of the Red Waste, Mereen on the top left side of the Red Waste. (Skipped Yunkai because I couldn't fit it in)
At the bottom: Valyria! (or what is left of it)

This card was a TON of fun to make but it was also a pain in the ass. SO much work because...well who has dies for dragons? Or a stamp of the map of The Known World? But once that is made omg I will be the first to buy it.

That's it for now! If you thought this post had too many Game of Thrones references, you should read the card :P

-Happy dreams!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

THING part IV (the final installment)

This should probably be the last thing for today....unless I have a spurt of energy and manage to finish my cauliflower pizza post! (But don't count on that. It was 11:40 am when I started this post and I was already exhausted ...and then I had to pause it and now that I'm back finishing it up it's 10:59 pm)

Looking back at the ListOfUpcomingBirthdays I realized that I needed more boy-y-birthday cards since there are 2 coming up in the fam and the only cards I have seem to be a little too girly for the father and the comrade. My imagination was pretty worn out after the CAS(e) this Sketch! cards I made and all I really wanted to do was watch a mind-numbing amount of The X Files but I came across the new sketch for Mojo Monday! Check it out below:

Mojo Monday #341:

I knew I had to make this as masculine a card as I could so I put away the butterfly dies and opted in for some neutral-toned cardstock.

 I wasn't sure if I wanted to interpret the sketch differently and try to change up some orientations but, honestly, exhaustion overcame me and I decided to give up on trying to be creative-r with the sketch and went with doing a straight imitation of it. And I'm quite glad I did! It was a very well-oriented sketch and it all came together quite nicely! Nearing the end of it I felt like something was missing from it so....I caved and added some sequins. But they're maroon! Super masculine! Maybe. Whatever it's for my dad; I could probably make him a barbie-pink card and he'd have to love it (Damn I wish we had some barbie stamps!)

I wanted to combine this inspiration challenge with a colour challenge but I couldn't find one that I particularly liked for this card so I consulted my trusty Martha Stewart paint chips! I wanted an olive-coloured theme but as I looked through most of the samples I noticed they were all very....I don't know. All I could think was "I DON'T WANT THE CARD TO LOOK LIKE A LIVING ROOM! Luckily I found a paint card that had a very un-living-room-green that matched some cardstock and poof! Thank you for my colour scheme, Martha Stewart!

Well, staying up all last night might've been a really bad idea, I keep falling asleep at this screen so, hell yeah, it's definitely bed time!

-Happy dreams! ZZZzzzzzz


Oh man, I know that challenges say that you can make as many card entries as you like but....posting 3 in a row is so many kinds of awkward   >.>

But here I am with my third card. I actually have a really good reason for it! I was going to try a different sketch or a different inspiration but I realized that because my cousin (whose birthday is coming up in 3 weeks) is a twin I had to make another card similar to it and I couldn't use the first CAS(e) this Sketch! card because I wanted to give that to my other cousin/their older sister. (It just seemed like the kind of card I'd give to that cousin. Honestly, I don't know why I have such control issues over who gets which card. Just add that to the list of things that's ADORABLY weird about me. ADORABLY weird. Not to be confused with the list of things that's just-legit-batshit weird about me. That's a much longer, scarier list.)

I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for this card. I wanted to do something like card 2 (the circles) but I couldn't think of anything that wasn't just a copy of it. And I thought I could try doing something like card 1 (with the flower picture grid) but, again, everything I came up with was just another copy. Then I figured I'd try a mix of the two.

This card had no outside inspiration challenge influence over colours, I just decided that since I couldn't have a stampocalypse on card 2 then I'd have to do it for card 3 and I pulled all of the stamp pads The Sister had! Funny enough it's got a similar colour theme as card 2/Curtain Call's confetti crush.

Here's CAS(e) this Sketch! #72 again:

And here's what I got up to!

*FUN FACT* musical selection for this card was "Wake-up Call"
unfortunately not the one by Maroon 5, the one by Hayden Panettiere.
It's NOT a good song but it's hella catchy.
Though to quote the internet, "You know what else was catchy? THE PLAGUE"
This card makes me think of New York at night. Don't know why it just does. And because it's "New York-y" to me it's earmarked for my cousin in California! (If she lived in New York it'd match better but hey California = USA and New York = USA so po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Or to get mathematical for y'all :
If A=B and B=C then A=C! ...that's the right example, isn't it? I can't remember. It's been so long since I took a math course so honestly I could just be talking out of my ass)

*FUN FACT* I LOVE this black card (the background). It's so deep and dark and everything I wish my soul were. 

-That's it for CAS(e) this Sketch! #72 cards :) Stick around, I've got a Mojo Monday card coming up!