Tuesday, June 24, 2014


(I don't have a better title for this. You'd think I would since I've not written a post in ages but you would be wrong)

So it's been about four billion years since I last updated this. My bad.
It's also been almost as long since I made a card. Again, my bad.

But I've been busy!

Busy working.
Busy commuting (Being the PrincessofPickering (a nickname given to me by BaddieBins when we were in school) has its downsides. Mainly it's so effing far from every-effing-thing worth doing.)
Busy reading (Mira Grant novels Feed, Deadline, Blackout OMFG AHHHHH THEY'RE AMAZING. One of my girlfriends j.Huntz turned me onto it -we're like an unofficial book club, I guess...Wait, is "book club" the right term? I don't know I've never been part of a book club. Maybe "book club" isn't the word....ignore this last sentence then- They're super easy reads, really entertaining, good storyline...really good storyline, and who doesn't love zombies??! The best part is that it isn't just a zombie book, it's also a conspiracy novel and homegirl has got her science research down pretty well. As a fellow science nerd/virology enthusiast (I LOVE viruses omg, I think they're so cool. I can't explain it...well I can but then you'd all know how totally nerdy I am and you'll want to stop reading what I write and then no one would look at the card I made which was the main point of this blog post, but it kind of got away from me CLEARLY, so I won't get into how cool viruses are....today) it was pretty awesome to have the zombie phenomenon somewhat explained using science (you gotta make allowances. Zombies aren't real (yet) so the scientific explanations aren't perfect but nothing is so just go with it) Main point: GO READ THE NEWSFLESH TRILOGY.
*important disclaimer* I may be slightly biased because when I first started reading the books I called something in the books and I turned out to be right! So, Ten points to Griffyndor! If you get a chance to read it, let me know how you liked it!)

and .....Mainly I've been busy getting wayyy too into the World Cup.

Goooooo Netherlaaaaaands!!!!! #orangeorangeorange

I know, I know, FIFA is the devil and etc...(check this out if you don't believe me! It IS 13 minutes but it's well worth it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlJEt2KU33I I love John Oliver. I'm an incredibly big fan of news presented like this: Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart etc so I was really excited about John Oliver's new show "Last Week Tonight" ) BUT omgomgomgomgomg I love the World Cup.

I don't actually even like sports all that much but I think there's a thing that happens in my head for international sporting events that only occur every so often where I get so into those games I turn into a terrible person: totally crazy, ridiculously competitive, so many kinds of scary, probably incredibly completely obnoxious; I'm not proud of it. ....I'm a little proud of it.

Anyway, I haven't done much crafting lately but I did manage to churn a card out on Saturday (in a record time of under 2 hours!!) for an emergency birthday! Yeah I got really behind on family cards. So much for being on top of things. Oops? Oh well, life is short and the World Cup is on and Germany has so many good-looking football players, just eat the damn red velvet cupcake.

I was doing my regular blog hopping for inspiration when I landed on CAS(E) This Sketch and saw that their challenge was a fusion one. (You can check out the the Sketch #81 blog post here) I hadn't heard of Fusion before, not that that's a big deal seeing as I'm pretty new to the whole crafting community, but I'm so glad I found out about this because I skimmed through their old blog posts and REALLY liked their challenges so they will definitely be one of my regular challenge go-to's! Plus I always love when challenges are combined. Makes me feel more efficient, I guess.

This was the challenge:

And this is what I threw together! Check it out! (If you want, no pressure or anything)

It killed me a little inside that I didn't get to use a butterfly but I figured I should clip my butterfly wings for the next few cards and try something new. I actually had a really hard time trying to make it a masculine card...I hope it came out masculine. I tried using foresty colours, which I tend to always associate with cards meant for my guy cousins. I hope that's not sexist... ANYWAY, I used The Sister's leaves/vine die to make it kinda fancy and keep with my foresty theme. I would've gone for the yellowy/gold colour scheme so it would've actually been a Fusion challenge but we don't really have any good gold-coloured paper so that idea was nixed. Alas, what else is new.

But I'm pretty happy with how the card turned out, though the lighting is a little dark...cell phones man. I should've used an actual camera but I was short on time. I had to give the card away like 5 minutes after I took this photo. I couldn't even take the picture at home because we were already running late; I had to set up the card at my cousin's house! I am a perfect mix of ghetto and classy, it's a skill I should really put on my resume.

Well that's it for me tonight. It is 11:04 pm and officially 4 minutes past my bedtime.

-Happy dreams!
My challenge for you? Read some books this week! :) *hintTHENEWSFLESHTRILOGYhint*
(I am shameless I know, but I will force The Newsflesh trilogy books down everyone's throat because I loved them so and I want to know what everyone else thinks of the story and to see if anyone else called out what I called when I started the series)

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you found the Fusion Challenge! Sure hope to see you back again : ) Love that you went with something other than the butterflies ... those die cut leaves are to-die-for! Thanks for playing with Fusion and CAS(e) this Sketch!