Friday, February 13, 2015

Welp look what the cat dragged in

Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a card for you to look at!

I haven't made a card in a million years.
I haven't posted in even longer.
Yet whabam.

Decided to be over-ambitious and make valentines for all the girlfriends this year! Even though I don't really ever celebrate Valentine's day. I think the last time I really celebrated Valentine's day was 8 years ago when my boyfriend at the time had decorated my locker. Yeah that's right, "locker". Lawd those high school days. And all the Valentine's days since then have been different. But I digress. This is not the post for *that* discussion.

Anyway, woohoo I did it! I had to stay up the entire night before to make them (I had to send some across The Narrow Sea and I didn't want them to get mailed too late) but it was worth it because I love my girls 

I only have a picture of one of the cards ready because....I am bad at time management (obviously) and this deadline is coming up in less than an hour.

This card was my attempt at Runway Inspired's Challenge #77 which I LOVED: 

dat dress tho 

This was the perfect inspiration for red-wine-infused-card-making-at-1:30am. I was actually so happy to make a valentine that wasn't your typical pink and red because....not that I think it's overdone, I LOVE pink. AND red. Hell, my nails are pink right now. It's just that I wanted something spring-y. The weather has been so frigid and frosty and batshit frozen that I'm counting down the days until it's finally spring, which is actually a season I usually like less than winter. I know, right?  But it was so awesome that I decided to check what was going on at Runway Inspired and their colours were exactly what I was hoping for!

I got SUPER obsessed with distress inks recently and I was really glad that we actually had colours close to the inspiration. 

I wanted flowers on the card -to match the dress- but I wasn't sure how to make them. I rifled through all of the sister's dies looking for the right flower and, while I found the stamp for the flower I loved, the die didn't exist. Then I cried out "why, God, whyyyy" because I had had more than my fair share of wine by then. But then! I found a funny looking die that was matched for leaves (I mean that the stamp you use for the cut-out that you make using that die would make leaved). Inspiration (aka the reservatrol in my wine) struck and I couldn't get it out of my mind that I could make flowers using that die.

So I used the leaves die to cut out some coffee filters (again, the wine had taken over the creative side of my brain and I decided I HAD to use paper coffee filters because the texture would just be "exactly what I wanted" I don't know what I meant when I thought that but honestly it was so late in the evening/so early in the morning by then that I didn't even question the red wine anymore)

Then I used some different flower stamps just to add some colour. Took 3 of the leaves and layered them to make a flower and, wham bam thank you ma'am, I had a flower! I'm still not sure what kind of flower that's supposed to be but I figured that if the red wine wanted me to know what it was called the red wine would have told me.

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  1. The background is stunning, and I love your flowers! Thanks so much for joining us on the Runway! :)