Monday, April 14, 2014

Butterfly things! With a sketch! And pastel colours! So many things going on I'm like a multitasking wizard

So I've known about The Card Concept's butterfly theme inspiration challenge for quite a long while (The sister told me that it'd be right up my alley since she knows how much I love butterflies) and even though I add a butterfly to pretty much every card I make I was having trouble coming up with anything that I thought was good enough for a butterfly challenge.

Here's The Card Concept's Challenge #7!

 Since I couldn't really come up with anything I left The Card Concept's card alone for a bit and I started looking at Freshly Made Sketches. I don't recall when I first stumbled onto their blog but I'm quite glad I did! I find I usually need a sketch to start a project (though lately it's becoming harder for me to follow sketches! Maybe I'm losing my crafting touch, who knows. BUT I am pretty good at zombie/alien arcade shooting games! DAVE & BUSTER'S WAS SO MUCH FUN I cannot get over it.) and I quite liked the rectangular-ness Freshly Made Sketches' sketch 131 so I thought it'd be a great place to start!

*FUN FACT* I actually had a dream I was playing zombie shooting games. I was both in the game and the player. While I do love zombies and I love being scared I woke up almost peeing my bed :/ That dream was a whole different level of scary!!! ...But I did wake up wanting to play it.

Here's Freshly Made Sketches #131!

After spending about 10 minutes blankly looking at cardstock I realized I needed help with a colour scheme! I wanted to follow The Card Concept's butterfly colours but I didn't really have any cardstock or ink that matched in a way that ....didn't piss me off (maybe the lighting was off in the craftroom but everything just looked wrong. Who knew there'd be so much drama in card-making!) I remembered coming across Colour Throwdown in another card challenge about two weeks ago (just looking through other entries and reading their posts) so I figured that I'd give theirs a shot. I'm glad I did because this week's Colour Throwdown's inspiration challenge was absolutely beautiful! I'm such a sucker for pastel colours.

Here's Colour Throwdown!
*FUN FACT* Every time I've looked at this picture I started craving mini-eggs
*FUNNER FACT* It's time to take a break from this post to go eat a few mini-eggs :D

So I put all these challenges together and this is what happened. I would classify the card as "Clean & Layered":

I really, really wanted a light, pastel-yellow but unfortunately we didn't have any. This is the lightest yellow we have that isn't ....the colour eggshell, but I do think it's actually quite a lovely colour. I don't think the butterfly is prominent but...I guess I like the card enough to post so oh well.

And now it's time for a nap! I stayed up all night watching Game of Thrones! (the latest episode and random season 3 ones. Oh how I wish I had dragons) I hope you all enjoyed The Purple Wedding as much as I, and the rest of the world did! Game of Thrones, doing weddings right since 2011 ;)

I also hope you all enjoyed Margaery Tyrell's face reactions as much as I did: her expressions give me life. I would watch an entire episode of Game of Thrones of just Natalie Dormer's facial exressions caused by Joffrey antics!

-Happy dreams!


  1. So happy you stumbled across our challenge at Color Throwdown and joined in! Lovely card for all 3 challenges!

  2. You combined the challenges beautifully! Love the spring colors! Thanks forjoining us at FmS!

  3. What a sweet card! Love that beautiful butterfly! Great colours! Thanks for joining us this week at Freshly Made Sketches!

  4. Love the intricate butterfly with the gem in the middle, and your colors are fabulous too! Thanks for joining us this week at The Card Concept :)

  5. Very pretty...thanks for joining us for the Color Throwdown.

  6. Pretty card!! Love the silhouette flowers and your yellow is fine!! Thxs for joining us at CTD!!

  7. Oh this is so pretty - I love your DSP and the sweet little butterfly you've used! Thanks for joining us at The Card Concept & FMS this week!