Monday, March 31, 2014

Insanity (Recovery Week) Thoughts. There are a lot of them.

So I've finally completed month 1 of the Insanity workout! PSA: It IS insane.
(I've done the Insanity workout before, I did it last year with my roommate when we were living in Gatineau for work, but when my school started up again I got too lazy to keep with it and I gained back all the weight I had lost in the summer. And then some.)

And now I'm on my recovery week.(Recovery week is your 5th week of the 9 week program where you do the "Core Cardio & Balance" workout every day for the 6 days)

My thoughts on it?
OMFG Halp. Me. Haaaalp. Send hot paramedics. And pizza!
Shawn T says right away that if you're exhausted at the end of the workout (like you feel during a regular video of "Pure Cardio" or "Power & Resistance") then you're doing it wrong, and he's right. I'm not dying-on-the-floor-exhausted at the end of it but it's still ridiculously challenging.

Final Score: Not as exhausting but just as hard.

Which I know, when you read that, it doesn't make sense but I think those who've done the Insanity workouts know what I'm talking about. The cardio work involved in "Plyometric Cardio Circuit" and "Power and Resistance" will, for sure, have you kneeling on the ground heaving (wishing to be rolled into a hole filled with cheetos and left alone so you can eat your way to a delicious cheesy death. no? just me? that's cool too. whatever) but the cardio in the recovery isn't as bad. But it IS hard: it's a lot of core work and strength and you will DEFINITELY feel the burn in your legs and arms.

The craziest thing about it? I love it. (I hate it and I love it)

If you knew me, you'd think my loving Insanity was the first sign of the apocalypse (Or the Zombie Apocalypse! I actually like to consider this training for when zombies rise. My goal during that is to be Alice because I love Resident Evil so much it's scary)

I am NOT a physical person. Gym class was ALWAYS my worst subject. Report Cards were:
"Math - A
Science - A
History - A
Gym - ...."
*FUN FACT* FRIENDS reference there for you!  Always thought I was a Rachel or Phoebe, turns out I'm Ross!

Oh how that B in gym would haunt my perfect records. My parents understood I was not meant for physical activity. I hated sports (because I suck at them.) I never went outside to play (I sunburn SO easily it's not even worth it. I need SPF 60. Reapplied every 2 hours)
*FUN FACT* Last summer I would spend 5 minutes walking to my gym at 5pm and within a week I was 5 shades tanner. Now, it didn't look that tan but when you compared it to the unexposed skin it was a damn dark tan. It looked like I was glowing :/ 

I have absolutely no hand-eye coordination. I STILL don't know how to do a lay-up: I don't know how my feet are supposed to move at the same time my hand dribbles the ball and then I'm supposed to aim for the backboard? WHAT AM I, AN ASTRONAUT?

The one thing I was good at in gym class was throwing a football. I can throw a football like a quarterback at homecoming who gets laid under the bleachers after winning the game and getting crowned king. But I can't catch for shit. In high school, the only reason I managed my A was because of health class. (I was a badass in health class.) I hate physical activity.

My idea of a good time is lying in bed eating cheetos and watching TV. So for me to say I love Insanity is a big deal.

As of my first month Insanity seems to be working-ish for me. I'm on a health kick/diet/whatever it takes to lose weight thing (But if I could get skinny eating packs of bacon and eating ice cream, I'd push my entire family and YOUR family and the family who lives down the street who owns the cute puppy out of the way for that meal plan). I read up on a ton of forums and they say not to even step on the scale in the first month because the real results will show up in the 2nd month and I hope that's true. I only half-listened and I step on the scale daily; it's not overly encouraging but hey, some progress is better than no progress.

Month STATS so far:
-I've lost 10 pounds so yay :)
-I can do switch-kicks up to 30, after that my legs give way
-I can do 10 regular pushups, 40 modified pushups in about a minute
-I'm getting much better at mountain climbers. I can do it for the 30 seconds during the circuit.
-I'm getting really good at suicide drills: 40 taps in 30 seconds! (2 feet apart)
-I can now make 4 different types of health salad! (I'm getting really good at making salad. Fancy salads. None of that iceberg lettuce with kraft salad dressing shit)

Anyway, those were a lot of thoughts. Whoops?
If you read all of that, even though it was very tl;dr, here's a picture for all of your hard work
This is my FAVOURITE salad. Every salad I make is in reference to this but none compare. This was taken at Insomnia Cafe at Bloor & Bathurst during a brunch date with KlaheesiPaula who is my Shekh ma shieraki anni (yeah. we GoT really hard) And those potatoes? OMFG amazing. This brunch was a heavenly experience. (Also because of the company!!! KhaleesiPaula is one of my favourite people and I'm so glad to know her and I'm so lucky and privileged to call her my friend)

*FUN FACT* KhaleesiPaula knows Elvish. How hot is that? AND knows so much about the Tolkien world it's dreamy
THIS lovely breakfast was a few weeks before I started up my health kick/sad-diet-to-be-skinny. The sister found an excellent waffle recipe (I'm not sure what it was but when I find out I'll be sure to update this) that uses sparkling water (I don't know what it does but it worked!) Delicious. Waffles are one of my favourite foods! (Anything to be more like the Sunshine-Glamazon that is Leslie Knope!!! Parks & Rec is a wonderful show and we should all try to be more like Leslie)

-Happy dreams!

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