Sunday, March 30, 2014

Look!Look!Look! Lookit! I did it, I made the thing!

So, if you missed my last post (which you can read if you click RIGHT HERE!) from a couple of days ago I had made a card for the Mojo Monday Card Sketch Challenge #338 and I interpreted their sketch very loosely (which I think you're allowed to do. I don't know, I haven't trained at the Card Sketch Challenge Academy yet but most challenges give you a lot of creative freedom)

The sketch for which looks this!

Anyway, in that post I had written that the blog name Mojo Monday made me, instantly, think of Mojo Jojo! (who is awesome and Powerpuff girls are awesome and, as Tumblr user powerpuff-save-the-day so wisely said, "Powerpuff Girls was actually a show about a group of small children crushing the patriarchy and no one will convince me otherwise")

And I had this weird idea for a card, using Mojo Jojo on it, that you could just give to a random stranger who you thought was in need of a smile and I MADE IT!

*important note* I don't know to whom the image and/or likeness of Mojo Jojo belongs; I know Powerpuff Girls was created by Craig McCracken, produced by Hanna-Barbara and aired by the Cartoon Network, but I'm not sure how the copyright works but there's obviously no copyright infringement intended (I got the photo off google images. I know that's not a very good citation; Google Images says it's by on deviantART, so there's that) But this use isn't for profit or anything so I guess it's okay? The only thing I'm gonna do with this is give it to a stranger and hope it gets passed around to people who need more smiles in their life (which is what I like to think cartoons are all about!)

So without further ado (because this whole post is tl;dr) LOOK AT THE THING I MADE

I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out :) I even used his colours on the card!
purple, green, blue and black! Well done me, 10 points to Gryffindor!
I realized after I had taken the photo and uploaded it to my computer
that I really really wished I had taken the picture from the opposite angle.
*sigh* too little, too late, I guess?
*FUN FACT*  That's....probably going to be the name of my biography
...5 points from Gryffindor.

Hope you like it! And I hope it brings a smile to your face! (I also hope I spelled villains right on that card. I think I did. My spellcheck on this post isn't flagging it and that's how I spelled it on the card so woo-hoo 5 points to Gryffindor!)

-Happy dreams


  1. I toooootally know who and what that is!! Love the color combo used. Hope to see more of you on Mojo (Mondays. Not Jojo ;))

  2. I toooootally know who and what that is!! Love the color combo used. Hope to see more of you on Mojo (Mondays. Not Jojo ;))