Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look I made a thing! (now tell me I'm pretty)

So, I've definitely been drinking the crafting kool-aid lately. I blame The Sister. I've spent so much time in her craft room (she crafts while I tumblr and cry over fictional characters/gifsets) that the room just drew me in and, before I knew it, it was too late. I tried to fight it, I did! (That story is for another day.)

Anyway the sister was out with the boyfraaan and I was procrastinating on... life, so I moseyed on over to the craft room and looked at her craft due dates calendar (now that I'm writing this I wish I took a picture of it. That thing is FULL) and, being nosy, I opened every challenge that was going on this week. As I looked through all of the card challenges I was suddenly overcome with the absolute, desperate need to craft. Which, I know, is a really weird feeling to have (just in general, of all the kinds of feelings you can have, it's weird, right?) but, seriously, all I could think was,
 "You know what would be really fun? Making a card. Yeah....yeah, I really need to make a card. Like RIGHT now."
The room really does have me under its spell. So off I went, rummaging through her crafting goods, when halfway through making my card I realized I had been (loosely) basing it off of Sketch #69 from CAS(E) this Sketch!

*FUN FACT* Their guest designer made a card so pretty I wanted to scream.

Alors, voici mon interp├ętation de la carte.

I don't know if it's exactly CAS material (from what I remember there's supposed to be a lot of white and it's supposed to be simple) but what-the-puppy-ever.  I made a thing and there it is :)

-Happy dreams

I wanted to do that thing that all of those craft blogs have at the end of their post that lists all of the products they used, but...yeah that obviously didn't happen. I'm making a mental note to update this is I ever figure that out.

*FUN FACT* musical selection while making this was Panic! At The Disco's TWtL,TRtD! album
*FUNNER FACT* I listened to that album non-stop for 3 months when it came out. No Christmas music for me thank you, ONLY P!AtD!

-later gaters

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  1. What a pretty super cute card. Thanks for playing along at CAS(E) this sketch and hope to see you again.