Friday, March 28, 2014

If you're not too tired, look I made another thing!

There's a chance I've made too many cards this past week.

Some may say, "Yes, yes you have."
Others may say, "There's no such thing!"
Still, others may say, "WTF go to sleep."

*Except my parents when they yell at me in that tone. You know the tone.

So I got 4/5 done with my Runway Inspired card when I realized that Retro Sketches also had a card due tonight! So I put the gluing of Runway on hold and started up a new card so that I could enter that too!

Here's the Retro Sketches Challenge sketch

And this is what I made: look at it :)

*FUN FACT* musical selection for this card was me singing"How Do I Live" on repeat
*FUNNER FACT* I don't know all of the words to that song, so it was just me singing
the chorus over and over mumbling through the parts I didn't know. I was really
lucky I was home alone while I made this card.

To be honest, I don't really know what occasion this is supposed to be used for. I made a point to keep it pretty vague because, for some reason, I didn't like any of the sentiment stamps I had at my disposal at the time.

I like it best as a spontaneous-everyday-card. The kind you just give to someone because "why not?" Those are the best cards to get, I like to think.

-Happy dreams

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