Friday, March 28, 2014

Look I made a thing again!

Damn son, I've done so many posts this week, I am on a roll!

Well, not really. But let's pretend.

Last night I was perusing the crafting blogs and creeping on Dear Janet Creations (it's okay! She's The Sister's friend so it's not that creepy) and I was told she loves the Runway Inspired challenges because it's so free. The sister and I proceeded to have a little discussion on how we suck pretty badly at things that give us creative freedom because we both really need a sketch to start.

I'm stuck on the fence with that. I find that I struggle really hard with "free"-type cards and I really need a sketch to tell me what to do, but there's an equally petulant part of me which likes to kick and scream and throw a tantrum similar to the likes of,
It's a hard life. But I digress.

So I was looking at the challenge and I figured I should really push myself to do something out of my comfort zone and try it.

*FUN FACT* My comfort zone is my lying in bed, supported by six pillows, with my laptop playing Teen Wolf and a Costco-sized bag of cheetos within reach.

Here is the inspiration challenge from Runway Inspired

And this is what came out of my brain

When I looked at the runway picture my eye immediately went to the mustard-coloured top. I LOVE that colour but I can never seem to pull off wearing it :( (told you it's a hard life!) So I wanted the main focus of my card to be yellow. The second thing I noticed was the scenery. I loved the forest background so I tried to make moss-covered trees and have the card seem forest-y. I also made sure to add the red flowers! (poppies? I don't know types of flowers very well) It wasn't until the third or fourth time looking at the inspiration picture that I noticed them. I thought they were such a nice surprise that I had to add them into my card!

*FUN FACT* "The second thing I noticed was the scenery" is kind of a lie. The second thing I noticed was her skirt. The first thoughts in my head after seeing her skirt were, "I want it! I waaaaaaaant it! Where do I get that? Where did she get that? Could I pull off that skirt? Where would I even wear it? Whatever I don't care, I waaaaaaant it." But that didn't really help me with making my card.
*FUNNER FACT*  I love the idea of forests, not actual forests. Forests scare me because they're filled with bugs, and a wild Ford Anglia, and Acromantula, and....Voldemort.

I actually really like this card. I started making a card last night and stayed up till around 3am before I called it bedtime but I was super unhappy with it. I just didn't like how it looked: it was too busy, there were things that made no sense, I hated the stamp I used, I hated the ink colour, I hated how it bled...the list went on.

*FUN FACT* I had a ton of trouble coming up with the card so when I kept going back to the challenge post I'd look at the other cards that were posted and omg there's this one card made by this lady who I do not know and am too shy and awkward to say anything to and it's so freaking pretty that it actually made me angry. Each time I looked at it, all I could think was, "Damn it lady! Why did you have to make such a pretty card??" ...But yeah, it's super pretty. I love everything about it: the horizontal lined paper she used, the gold glitter paper, the shiny black accent paper, her butterfly. Every. Damn. Thing. omg.

When I got up later that afternoon I looked at the card sitting on the craft room table and I kinda lost it. I couldn't stand it at all! So, I cut it in half and started over again. (That way my sister couldn't be all supportive and say, "No it looks just fine!" when I KNOW she's wrong and the card wouldn't accidentally get used and it couldn't be inflicted upon some unsuspecting, innocent victim)

And that's what happened.

I am seriously pleased with this, which is a rare thing for me. I pretty much dislike everything I make. Don't ask me why, I don't know myself. That's just the way it is. But this I really like. I think it's the butterfly die. I'm slightly -totally- in love with butterflies. I used a Memory Box die (which you can see more of here CLICK ON ME AND SEE THE BUTTERFLIES!) and it makes the prettiest butterflies that are so super intricate you can't help but love them!

*FUN FACT* If you say you don't love these butterflies, you're lying.


 I'd put another picture of the butterfly at another angle but that may be too many pictures in one post and the posting police might flag me.

In conclusion, this card challenge took a lot out of me and I complained a lot (a lot a lot, you can ask the sister) but I did really enjoy it. The craft room has me so under its spell there's no turning back now.

*FUN FACT* musical selection for this card was me singing, on repeat, "Journey to the Past" from the Anastasia soundtrack
*FUNNER FACT*For a good 3 years of my life I believed I was The Lost Princess Anastasia because I was really, really, really in love with that movie. It was a hard and bitter pill to swallow realizing that I wasn't her.
*FUNNEST FACT* The idea that I thought I was The Lost Princess makes even less sense when you consider the fact that I'm Asian and no one in our family has ever even been to Russia. But, as my little cousin likes to say in support, "Anastasia? AnastASIAN? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!"

-Happy dreams!


  1. I really love your interpretation and very beautiful card

  2. Utterly gorgeous!! Love the touches of vellum and that delicate butterfly! Thanks for joining the fun with us at Runway Inspired challenge!

  3. I love that you went outside of your comfort zone...the result is well worth it! Lovely card :) Thanks so much for joining us on the Runway!

  4. Ok, you had me reading every funny word you wrote here, and I'm still laughing! So entertaining. Speaking of entertainment, this card captured the etherial quality of the inspiration photo like none other in the line up. Congrats, well deserved and a beauty!

  5. Your post is fun! And your card is really pretty!

  6. Beautiful card! I just love the butterfly and the colors. Your sis passed along your blog so now I'll be creeping hahah =p. Congrats on the Fashionista title.