Thursday, March 27, 2014

Look I made another thing!

Okay, well, after the last card I made I was kind of fiending to make another one. PSA alert: Crafting is a gateway drug.

On the Calendar of Arts&Crafts, I saw the blog name Mojo Monday - The Blog which made me laugh because it made me think of Mojo Jojo.

*FUN FACT* He is awesome. And so non-threatening. I mean, you can`t take a green monkey with a purple cape as a serious villain. He`s just misunderstood. It`s probably all of the green that makes him confused. But I digress.

So I clicked on the link and I looked at the challenge post, and then the sketch, and thought,
"Yeah...I'm not gonna be able to make a card from that."

I saw the circle and could only think about putting a picture of Mojo Jojo in it with a statement that said "FEAR ME I AM THE KING OF MONKEY VILLAINS" but you can't really give that as a card to someone.

(now that I'm writing this, I'm really wishing I had made that card. I guess you could just give it to a random stranger on the street and the inside of the card would say "Smile! Pass it on!" Right? ...Yeah I'm gonna do this now. Expect a post with that card in the next week.)

I was -as usual- in the craft room with The Sister and she was working away on a birthday card (which is awesome and you can check it out here: CLICK ON ME AND SEE THE PRETTY) when I realized that I needed a birthday card too!

See, one of my girlfriends' birthday is this Saturday and the embarrassing thing is that I've known about this (she's having a part-ay this Saturday in celebration) for like 3 weeks and yet it just occurred to me now that I needed a card. Whoops? Turns out my memory is not one of my (few) redeeming qualities.

Anyway, if all of the previous text was tl;dr for you here's the arty stuff! This is Sketch 338 from the Mojo Monday Card Sketch Challenge

And here's what I made! LOOK AT IT.

*FUN FACT* musical selection for this card was
Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey "I need a doctor"
and Eminem's "Rap God"
*FUNNER FACT* there's nothing I love more than
crafting to rap music. Is that weird? Well, I'm weird.

I tried to make it as girly as I could because I like girly things and girly things make me feel pretty and happy and TheLovelySavvySabs is lovely and wonderful and makes you feel pretty and happy too. If you ever get a chance to meet her, you'll understand: she's so sweet you just want to put her in your pocket and bring her out any time you need a pick-me-up. I think everyone should have a friend like that. I hope everyone has a friend like that.

That's all for now folks!

-Happy dreams

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