Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!!!

And what better way to end it than with a beauty splurge!

 Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in 100 IVORY || Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Very Fair
Clarisonic Brush Head (Twin-Pack) for Normal Skin || Bourgeois concealer in 51 Light Radiance               
Clinique 3-step skincare for Skin Type 2
Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear nail polish in: 405 Coral Reef // 360 Mellow Yellow // 100 Invisible

Quo®/MD Precision Foundation Brush ||Quo®/MD Brow/Lash Brush                  

Now I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. I much prefer to celebrate February 15th, what I like to call "Treat Yo'Self" Day because all of the candy and chocolates are a million percent off!  My favourite February 15th memory was 2 years ago when I got a little over-indulgent and bought a couple party-size containers of cinnamon hearts. They were dirt cheap and I thought,

"Well obviously I need more than one because I want to eat an entire container and if someone else steals some of my hearts then it won't be an entire container anymore and eating "almost-an-entire-container of cinnamon hearts" is not very impressive." 

And that's pretty much the story of how I ate two containers of cinnamon hearts in one sitting. But I digress.

THIS Valentine's day I had a little celebration at Shoppers Drug Mart with my sister by buying a bunch of make-up! (That I very desperately needed! Honest!)

On Friday I went to the big Shoppers at Yonge & College because they have a pretty rad beauty boutique. They have a huge skin-care line up and they carry most of the main make-up brands, plus it's super well-lit! I think that's a pretty important selling point when you want to try on and buy make-up. There's nothing worse than trying on make-up in dark lighting, thinking it matches you and looks great, droppin some G's on it and then going home to find out that, actually, you look like you got hit by a truck. Anyway, the girl beauty specialist there (I can't remember her name! I feel terrible) was awesome. She was super friendly and really helpful. I asked a million stupid questions about Clarisonic brush heads (before finally settling on Normal) but she answered them all and was so nice and she just really knew her stuff. It's kind of my favourite thing when beauty specialists really know products. I know it's their job and everything but still! It's just nice to know I can count of them to know their stuff because I really don't.

*FUN FACT* : one of my life goals is now to be as educated in makeup as they are. I wanted to work as a Shoppers beauty specialist because I assume their discount would be awesome but then I realized how badly incompetent I am about makeup so I thought, "Mmm better not."
*FUNNER FACT* : one of my current life goals is to be as educated in the Tolkien universe as Stephen Colbert. Just throwing that out there.

And let's continue with my Valentine's Day Weekend celebration...

Then on Saturday night I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart near my house on Kingston Rd (by the giant Michael's store and a Moksha Yoga place a friend of mine goes to and has said is really good and I'm meaning to go, I swear!) It's also now one of my favourite locations. Their beauty boutique is fairly large so they carry quite a number of brands but the best part was their Beauty Specialist Associate, Andrew.

One: He was flawless. His make-up, his eyebrows, his eye-lashes, his hair, even his nails (silver) were flawless.
Two: He. Was. Flawless.
Three: Super-helpful. We asked him some questions (my main concern was the black-as-my-soul circles under my eyes. I can never find a concealer that really covers it up) He walked us around showing us different products, helped me pick out the best concealer for my eyes (he swears by Bourgeois and I honestly do now too).

It was just such a good experience I want to go back and buy more!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed your Valentine's Day Weekend as much as I have! And I think it might be just the right time to play with my new makeup :)

-Happy dreams

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